Thursday, December 30, 2010

Searching and Seeking for Him

Searching and Seeking for Him

Dear God, Heavenly Father,
Come and hear my prayer.
I know in Your timing You will show me,
Who will be the only rightful one for me.

How tall he will be,
It does not matter you see.
Being younger or older,
It is not an issue of this matter.

Someone who will walk with me in Your light,
Sharing many wonderful memories in Your sight.
Someone who shares the same main beliefs,
Agreeing on very important statistics.

I live in the United States in the Central North section,
I wonder where he will be from in what region?
If he is from the North, South, East, or West,
As long as I am with him it will be the best.

How will he present himself to me?
Will he show me what I want to see?
Will he tell me something I want to hear?
I will have nothing to fear!

For now help me to keep my eyes focused on You,
Not on my selfish desires that I want to do.
Give me patience in waiting for only him,
Your plan for my life will be like a joyful hymn.

Thy Precise Knight

Thy Precise Knight

I walk to my window in my chamber,
Where I kneel down to say a prayer.
Praying to God about something grand,
That will take me by the hand.

There are many out there you see,
But only one who is right for me.
God, You know best,
Where You will seek out one from the rest.

Waiting for my knight to appear,
Who is searching for his lady fair.
I am saving my first kiss just for him,
To kiss another would feel like a sin.

I look to older women who teach what is good,
For my future family that I may be encouraged.
Preparing myself to be a virtuous lady,
Becoming a woman of true beauty.

Thy knight will come wearing the armor of the Lord,
Wielding the Spirit of the sword,
Holding the shield of faith to reduce Satan,
And wearing the helmet of salvation.

As I kneel here praying,
By my window out looking,
And waiting for thy good sir,
For the glorious day to occur.

New Years Pledge to God

New Years Pledge to God

God, almighty Father, hear my pledge to You,
It’s a new year that I want something to do.
I am so much afraid,
There are unbelievers who are not saved.

I want to share my faith,
Tell people the truth.
Don’t want to say anything incorrect,
Want to be precisely exact

There are simple steps of sharing,
To where I won’t have to be sweating.
“I can do everything through him who gives me strength”
Philippians 4:13 in the Bible of truth.

Help me come out of my comfort region,
When sharing my faith I can bring people to salvation.
Many people don’t know about Christ,
I think this year that should come first.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being a Born Again Believer

Being a Born Again Believer

Fifteen years brought up Catholic,
Going through a daily routine that did not click.
I knew that there was a God,
Just did not have a personal bond.

Situations with family happen,
Stuff that I never want to experience again.
Leave the Catholic ministry,
Arrive to a Christian sanctuary.

Attending services each Sunday morning,
Learning something that is very motivating.
I started to believe that God is my Holy Father,
That Jesus died on the cross because I am a sinner.

Going to different kinds of Bible Studies,
Reading different faithful stories.
Starting to memorize verses from the Bible,
I am starting to realize something that is fatal.

I know in my heart there is something wicked,
Deep down I am not saved.
I go on my daily life making a wrong selection,
I have not accepted God’s salvation.

Reading Philippians chapter three verse ten,
I want to know Christ and His resurrection.
To fellowship in His suffering,
And becoming like him in His death is very rewarding.

Years later after leaving the Catholic faith,
And now learning about God’s truth.
I cannot stand living the ways of humankind,
I need to be in the rightful state of mind.

Getting down on my knees,
I pray to God to forgive me of all my wrong deeds.
Helping me to repent from all that is not right,
By keeping temptation out of my heart.

Receiving Christ Jesus as my Lord,
I will continue to live in His word.
As said in Colossians chapter two verse six,
If I do not, life will just make me sick.

Now that I have accepted Jesus within me,
The Holy Spirit is within thee.
Everything I do is to glorify You above all,
It’s better than worshiping any idol.

A Servant's Heart

A Servant's Heart

Having a serving heart for the Lord,
Who gives one hundred percent of them self.
Doing everything they do through God,
Giving them the best opportunity in life.

A person must live by the fruit of the Spirit,
Not by the acts of a sinful nature.
In order to serve God with all their heart,
They must repent from their sins for a righteous future.

Serve others for God’s glory,
Not by their own desires.
To serve under God is a real beauty,
Serving God has many different opportunities.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wall Between Two

Wall Between Two

There is a wall that I can’t demolish,
An ax won’t even make a slash.
Using a jackhammer won’t even make a puncture,
What can I use to break down this barrier?

Maybe using tools to build are the wrong device,
There must be something else that is precise.
This wall makes me feel lonely inside,
I am missing this special person by my side.

I know, I will use hands to tear it apart,
So then I can fill the emptiness in my heart.
I walk up and try to give it a hug to see if it will crumble,
Ouch, but when I try I am pushed away and I tumble.

How come I can’t get through to this being?
What are you trying to keep in hiding?
Are you afraid to open up to me?
Please I would love to show you what there is to see.

Sniffle, sniffle there are many nights I cry,
When I look at others compare to us, I shy.
I learned that I am suppose to look up to,
The part that I try to look I don’t see a lot.

You’re great in so many things that are right,
But when I look to spiritual advice, I don’t see it.
You’re missing out on so much truth,
That will open your heart inside to warmth.

God, Father of all, help this one,
To see Your light above all compassion.
This wall that I see between the individual and I to be shattered,
Where this guy can have faith in You my Lord.

I know I can’t make an adjust,
He needs to make that his request.
All I can do is pray,
Hoping he’ll choose the right way.

I’ll show him the fruits of the Spirit,
Maybe that way there will make it.
Then slowly, but surly this wall
I will see come to a fall.

I love him with all my heart,
I can’t stand to be apart.
With that invisible wall there,
Where nothing can barely tear.

When he welcomes You in his life in any way,
I will see that wall fade away.
For now I will be patient,
For that wonderful event.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

King’s Death & Resurrection

King’s Death & Resurrection

I know of a man,
Who is above all creatures.
He is perfect in every way.
He has many special features.

Through his time on earth,
Has faced much conflict for what He taught.
Gets betrayed by a man called Judas,
Knows His disciples will reject.

This perfect man who is ordered to be killed,
Hands and feet are nailed to a cross.
He deserved nothing to get this punishment,
Now being crucified and then dies,

After He dies, A few people lay the Man in a tomb,
Suddenly three days later the body vanishes.
This precious man rose from the dead,
And then goes to His disciples.

He confirms that He is indeed King,
Of what He says of life and death.
The long-awaited King, Jesus Christ,
His Kingdom, He has brought with truth.

Jesus died on the cross for everyone who sins,
For those who know they have done harm,
Now want to be forgiven,
Finally having the ever-lasting life with Him.

What a glorious precious thing has come,
However it is different than to be expected.
Jesus reigns in our hearts,
For those who accepted.

Until the day He comes again,
To establish a new and perfect world.
Of when God sent His Son, Jesus Christ,
To the people who could hear the word.