Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being a Born Again Believer

Being a Born Again Believer

Fifteen years brought up Catholic,
Going through a daily routine that did not click.
I knew that there was a God,
Just did not have a personal bond.

Situations with family happen,
Stuff that I never want to experience again.
Leave the Catholic ministry,
Arrive to a Christian sanctuary.

Attending services each Sunday morning,
Learning something that is very motivating.
I started to believe that God is my Holy Father,
That Jesus died on the cross because I am a sinner.

Going to different kinds of Bible Studies,
Reading different faithful stories.
Starting to memorize verses from the Bible,
I am starting to realize something that is fatal.

I know in my heart there is something wicked,
Deep down I am not saved.
I go on my daily life making a wrong selection,
I have not accepted God’s salvation.

Reading Philippians chapter three verse ten,
I want to know Christ and His resurrection.
To fellowship in His suffering,
And becoming like him in His death is very rewarding.

Years later after leaving the Catholic faith,
And now learning about God’s truth.
I cannot stand living the ways of humankind,
I need to be in the rightful state of mind.

Getting down on my knees,
I pray to God to forgive me of all my wrong deeds.
Helping me to repent from all that is not right,
By keeping temptation out of my heart.

Receiving Christ Jesus as my Lord,
I will continue to live in His word.
As said in Colossians chapter two verse six,
If I do not, life will just make me sick.

Now that I have accepted Jesus within me,
The Holy Spirit is within thee.
Everything I do is to glorify You above all,
It’s better than worshiping any idol.

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