Sunday, December 26, 2010

King’s Death & Resurrection

King’s Death & Resurrection

I know of a man,
Who is above all creatures.
He is perfect in every way.
He has many special features.

Through his time on earth,
Has faced much conflict for what He taught.
Gets betrayed by a man called Judas,
Knows His disciples will reject.

This perfect man who is ordered to be killed,
Hands and feet are nailed to a cross.
He deserved nothing to get this punishment,
Now being crucified and then dies,

After He dies, A few people lay the Man in a tomb,
Suddenly three days later the body vanishes.
This precious man rose from the dead,
And then goes to His disciples.

He confirms that He is indeed King,
Of what He says of life and death.
The long-awaited King, Jesus Christ,
His Kingdom, He has brought with truth.

Jesus died on the cross for everyone who sins,
For those who know they have done harm,
Now want to be forgiven,
Finally having the ever-lasting life with Him.

What a glorious precious thing has come,
However it is different than to be expected.
Jesus reigns in our hearts,
For those who accepted.

Until the day He comes again,
To establish a new and perfect world.
Of when God sent His Son, Jesus Christ,
To the people who could hear the word.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful poem Tracy! Thank you for sharing it. Have a blessed Easter. :-)

  2. This is beautiful, Tracy. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your's so pretty!

    1. Thank you, Sheri! It is a blog in progress to be something special!


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