Thursday, December 30, 2010

Searching and Seeking for Him

Searching and Seeking for Him

Dear God, Heavenly Father,
Come and hear my prayer.
I know in Your timing You will show me,
Who will be the only rightful one for me.

How tall he will be,
It does not matter you see.
Being younger or older,
It is not an issue of this matter.

Someone who will walk with me in Your light,
Sharing many wonderful memories in Your sight.
Someone who shares the same main beliefs,
Agreeing on very important statistics.

I live in the United States in the Central North section,
I wonder where he will be from in what region?
If he is from the North, South, East, or West,
As long as I am with him it will be the best.

How will he present himself to me?
Will he show me what I want to see?
Will he tell me something I want to hear?
I will have nothing to fear!

For now help me to keep my eyes focused on You,
Not on my selfish desires that I want to do.
Give me patience in waiting for only him,
Your plan for my life will be like a joyful hymn.

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