Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thy Precise Knight

Thy Precise Knight

I walk to my window in my chamber,
Where I kneel down to say a prayer.
Praying to God about something grand,
That will take me by the hand.

There are many out there you see,
But only one who is right for me.
God, You know best,
Where You will seek out one from the rest.

Waiting for my knight to appear,
Who is searching for his lady fair.
I am saving my first kiss just for him,
To kiss another would feel like a sin.

I look to older women who teach what is good,
For my future family that I may be encouraged.
Preparing myself to be a virtuous lady,
Becoming a woman of true beauty.

Thy knight will come wearing the armor of the Lord,
Wielding the Spirit of the sword,
Holding the shield of faith to reduce Satan,
And wearing the helmet of salvation.

As I kneel here praying,
By my window out looking,
And waiting for thy good sir,
For the glorious day to occur.


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In Christ,