Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wall Between Two

Wall Between Two

There is a wall that I can’t demolish,
An ax won’t even make a slash.
Using a jackhammer won’t even make a puncture,
What can I use to break down this barrier?

Maybe using tools to build are the wrong device,
There must be something else that is precise.
This wall makes me feel lonely inside,
I am missing this special person by my side.

I know, I will use hands to tear it apart,
So then I can fill the emptiness in my heart.
I walk up and try to give it a hug to see if it will crumble,
Ouch, but when I try I am pushed away and I tumble.

How come I can’t get through to this being?
What are you trying to keep in hiding?
Are you afraid to open up to me?
Please I would love to show you what there is to see.

Sniffle, sniffle there are many nights I cry,
When I look at others compare to us, I shy.
I learned that I am suppose to look up to,
The part that I try to look I don’t see a lot.

You’re great in so many things that are right,
But when I look to spiritual advice, I don’t see it.
You’re missing out on so much truth,
That will open your heart inside to warmth.

God, Father of all, help this one,
To see Your light above all compassion.
This wall that I see between the individual and I to be shattered,
Where this guy can have faith in You my Lord.

I know I can’t make an adjust,
He needs to make that his request.
All I can do is pray,
Hoping he’ll choose the right way.

I’ll show him the fruits of the Spirit,
Maybe that way there will make it.
Then slowly, but surly this wall
I will see come to a fall.

I love him with all my heart,
I can’t stand to be apart.
With that invisible wall there,
Where nothing can barely tear.

When he welcomes You in his life in any way,
I will see that wall fade away.
For now I will be patient,
For that wonderful event.

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