Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayer for Comfort of a Lost Dog

Prayer for Comfort of a Lost Dog

God listen to my prayer,
I am miserable with unhappiness in my spirit.
While I was sleeping the night before it happened, I fear,
That I was going to lose my lovable pet.

Half the nighttime I cried in my sleep,
I had dreadful thoughts that I was right.
As I slept a scary dream came a peep,
My lovable dog and I were in danger that night.

Both of us got injured in my dream,
But in reality both of us were wounded in separate ways.
My dog, gone to another place from no harm,
And I was feeling the loss in my heart with weeping cries.

I’m still on earth missing her being by my side,
Not being able to feel her wet licks on my face,
Not being able to see her do tricks as she tried,
Plus not being able to walk her to any kind of place.

I never even got to say good-bye,
But at least I got to say I love you.
All mornings and nights, I sigh,
But how can I stop, without her I’m blue.

My sweet little dog passed away on August first,
Slowly and quietly without making a weeping sound.
I wish I went first,
Because it hurts to lose her, my lovable friend.

Then God you gave me a gift that made me thankful,
Instead of me moaning, every single day,
It was a dream with my special dog that was wonderful,
To have on my fifteen birthday.

I could not ask for a greater present,
Cause You made it real lovingly.
There are still sometimes when I cry at night,
But that is because I still miss her dearly.

Corky, my Yorkshire Terrier, will never be ancient history,
She will stay forever in my heart.
To me she was worth more than jewelry,
So her life and my life will stay one part.


  1. Wow, Tracy, that is so touching! And yes, it did almost make me cry. I'm glad it had somewhat of a happy ending. That dream was definitely a sweet gift from God :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I miss my sweet little Yorkshire Terrier Poodle Mix.

  2. That brought tears to my eyes, Tracy, so heartwarming!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! It has brought several people to tears when they read my poem as well.


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