Friday, April 29, 2011

The Raven Saint

"The Raven Saint"
MaryLu Tyndall
Charles Towne Belles - Book Three

What Has She Done to Deserve A Fate Worse Than Death?

Grace Westcott has spent her entire life serving God and helping the poor - not to mention trying to save the souls of her two wayward sisters.  But while on an errand of mercy, she is kidnapped by a French mercenary and told she will be sold to a Spanish Don in Colombia.

Determind to hold on to her faith and see God in every situation, she believes she must have been sent to help someone find God's love.  But no one will listen to her pleas, warnings, and prayers.

When Grace's situation grows far worse than she could imagine, she is forced to face her own human weaknesses.  But she isn't prepared to face her biggest weakness of all - falling in love with the nefarious captain, Rafe Dubois.

Will Grace discover God's purpose for this harrowing journey?  And what will she do when she realizes His purpose for is not redeem the captain and his crew, but herself?

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My Review

Finally after reading "The Raven Saint" by MaryLu Tyndall, the last novel in the "Charles Towne Belles" series, I have fully enjoyed the this wonderful book along with the first two books!  With each chapter I read, I have an extremely hard time finding out what is going to happen next throughout the book.  Grace Westcott a young lady who devotes her life in serving God and helping others in need.  French Captain Rafe Dubois a man who is driven to being in authority and doing what he wants to do.

While Grace is on a mission to a needy family, is kidnapped by Rafe who sets sail to Columbia to sell her to a Spanish Don.  Grace doesn't understand why and pleads to God for help.  She then feels God has her their to share about God and her faith, she is finds that no one is interested in listening to her preach.  All she really receives back when the crew on Rafe's ship listen is mockery.  Rafe hates all types of religion because of his own father's abuse.  During the journey to Columbia Rafe notices how Grace is not like other ladies.  He doesn't understand why he starts to get attracted to Grace, so he determined to get rid of her as soon as he can or can he?  This story has adventures from being spotted by pirate hunters, dealing with a voodoo curse, all the way to a duel to the death.  Reading this swashbuckling romance makes me eager to see if Rafe will find the one true God or see if Grace's life will end in slavery to the Spanish Don!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Blue Enchantress

"The Blue Enchantress"
MaryLu Tyndall

Charles Towne Belles - Book Two

An Adventure-Seeking Woman And A Security-Minded Ship Builder Are Shipwrecked Together.

Still grieving the loss of her mother - and private tradedies of her own - Hope Westcott plays the part of a dutiful admiral's daughter.  But longing for the love and acceptance she never felt at home, Hope plunges into Charles Towne society . . . and an illicit affair with Lord Falkland.

For Captain Nathaniel Mason, wealth means security, so he is determined to build his shipping business - ignoring God's call on his life to become an impoverished pastor.  He also ignores his attraction to the frivolous, vain Hope Westcott.

Hope's adventure seeking lands her in the hands of an unscrupulous ship captain who wants to sell her to the highest bidder.  When Nathaniel sees Hope on the auction block, will he listen to God and sacrifice his ship, cargo, and security to save her?

From the Carolina Coast to the Caribbean, through stormy seas and shipwreck, can Hope and Nathaniel put aside their painful pasts, listen to God's voice, and find true love and acceptance?

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My Review

After reading "The Red Siren" by MaryLu Tyndall, I had to buy the second book to this series "The Blue Enchantress"!  A total different plot going on, but follows along from "The Red Siren"!  Hope Westcott is a young lady in love, but comes to where the man she so much trusted betrays her.  From there she finds herself being sold like any other slave would be at an action block in Caribbean Islands.  Captain Nathaniel Mason who is a merchant captain trying to make a business.  He comes across Hope seeing her being auctioned off and soon Nathaniel sells off all what he has to save her.

Hope and Nathaniel now with nothing in their possession, try to make their way back home to Charles Towne.  Seeing what Nathaniel has done for her, she took a vow to change her ways and become a proper lady.  On their journey home, they face a hurricane out on sea, get shipwrecked on an island, and they are surviving by Nathaniel's skills while both face many different kinds of dangers from duel to the death all the way to pirates.  Nathaniel is opened up to what really matters in life and soon sees what God has really called him to.  On the other hand when Hope is faced with the many difficult challenges, she is faced to either turn to God or be lured back to her old ways she lived her life.  After reading "The Blue Enchantress" this is definitely a great romantic seafaring adventure to take your mind on!

The Red Siren

"The Red Siren"
MaryLu Tyndall

Charles Towne Belles - Book One

Worlds Collide When A Lady Pirate Meets A Godly Naval Captain.

Faith Westcott abandoned her shallow fiath when a series of tradgedies struck her family.  To save herself and her stisters from forced marriages, this fiery, born-to-the-manor redhead is a lady by day and a pirate by night.  How long can she maintain this dual identity before she's caught red-handed?

God-fearing Dajon Waite, who scours the Carolina coast, expunging it of pirates, is more-than-capable captain in the British Royal Navy.  But when he is asked to take on the guardianship of Faith and her sisters, he's headed for deep water.  Having vowed to avoid women, what will he do when he finds himself falling for Faith?

Sir Wilhelm Carteret has always gotten everything he desired, but Faith seems to be unaffected by his charms.  When he devises a plot to rid himself of his competition, more than Captain Waite's reputation is at stake as alarming secrets are revealed.

Will Faith regain her trust in God only to find herself headed for the gallows?  Will Dajon scuttle his good name - and neck - to save her?

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My Review

First of all "The Red Siren" by MaryLu Tyndall is the very first book I received from the author herself.  I became very interested when she told me a brief detailed about the book.  A lady, Faith Westcott, who is a lady by day and a pirate by night, in trying to save herself and her sisters from forced marriages by their own father who apparently shows no love for them.  When her father has to leave on another mission for work he has a British Royal Navy, Dajon Waite, come to watch over Faith and her sisters.

As the story goes on Dajon in the meantime is trying to catch a lady pirate who apparently is Faith, and while he does not know Faith is the lady pirate he tries to show her spiritual faults.  Read this book and see how the two, Faith and Dajon, overcome their past mistakes and see if or how Faith will ever regain her trust in God only!  After reading "The Red Siren" I was swept away by this historical romance novel!