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The Red Siren

"The Red Siren"
MaryLu Tyndall

Charles Towne Belles - Book One

Worlds Collide When A Lady Pirate Meets A Godly Naval Captain.

Faith Westcott abandoned her shallow fiath when a series of tradgedies struck her family.  To save herself and her stisters from forced marriages, this fiery, born-to-the-manor redhead is a lady by day and a pirate by night.  How long can she maintain this dual identity before she's caught red-handed?

God-fearing Dajon Waite, who scours the Carolina coast, expunging it of pirates, is more-than-capable captain in the British Royal Navy.  But when he is asked to take on the guardianship of Faith and her sisters, he's headed for deep water.  Having vowed to avoid women, what will he do when he finds himself falling for Faith?

Sir Wilhelm Carteret has always gotten everything he desired, but Faith seems to be unaffected by his charms.  When he devises a plot to rid himself of his competition, more than Captain Waite's reputation is at stake as alarming secrets are revealed.

Will Faith regain her trust in God only to find herself headed for the gallows?  Will Dajon scuttle his good name - and neck - to save her?

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My Review

First of all "The Red Siren" by MaryLu Tyndall is the very first book I received from the author herself.  I became very interested when she told me a brief detailed about the book.  A lady, Faith Westcott, who is a lady by day and a pirate by night, in trying to save herself and her sisters from forced marriages by their own father who apparently shows no love for them.  When her father has to leave on another mission for work he has a British Royal Navy, Dajon Waite, come to watch over Faith and her sisters.

As the story goes on Dajon in the meantime is trying to catch a lady pirate who apparently is Faith, and while he does not know Faith is the lady pirate he tries to show her spiritual faults.  Read this book and see how the two, Faith and Dajon, overcome their past mistakes and see if or how Faith will ever regain her trust in God only!  After reading "The Red Siren" I was swept away by this historical romance novel!


  1. What a great honor to receive a book from the author, it's always a special treat. Thanks for the linking up with Cozy Book Hop!


    1. Thank you for posting and stopping by, Marissa! It was a great honor and a real treat to receive a book from the author personally. I just walked around the Christian Book Expo to see what else went on, and came across her. I did ask several question before taking the book making sure I would have a real interest in reading. Living by Lake Michigan and sailing most of my life, I knew I could then visual more what it would be like in the story reading this wonderful novel!

  2. Sounds like a fun book. I like pirate stories. :) I'm dropping by from the Cozy Book Hop.

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Bonnie! It is a fun book. I too like pirate stories. Also, my high school's mascot was a Pirate! Have a wonderful day!


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