Monday, May 09, 2011

A Dream To Call My Own

"A Dream To Call My Own"
Tracie Peterson
Brides of Gallatin County - Book Three

She Yearned For A Dream To Call Her Own...

Lacy Gallatin, the youngest of the Gallatin sisters, is a woman with a mission: to find her father's killer.  Haunted by the belief that she's failed her pa, Lacy also battles a desire to have something more than just revenge, something she can't quite figure out.

Enter Dave Shepard, deputy sheriff for Gallatin Crossing, Montana.  Dave is close to figuring out who killed George Gallatin, but he always feels inadequate when it comes to the beautiful Lacy.  When they are together, the tension crackles between them - both when they argue and when they kiss.  Lacy finds him frustratingly irresistible... but is it truly love?

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My Review

Finishing the last book of this series "A Dream to Call My Own" by Tracie Peterson, I have truly enjoyed reading the novel.  Coming to the last novel in the series, Lacy Gallatin is a determined woman in search of her father's killer, though she is constantly battling a desire for something more than just revenge on the killer.  Deputy Dave Shepard is a young sheriff for Gallatin Crossing in Montana.  He is trying to help Lacy to find her father's killer, but when it comes to Lacy if feels it is not enough in what he is doing.

Through the story Lacy and Dave's relationship grows in very unique way.  There is usually some sort of tension between them.  Soon Dave proposes to Lacy in marrying him, but after she said "yes", Lacy is starting to have some doubt or more like fears are coming into her mind.   As time goes on, she keeps on holding off the wedding date because she feels she won't be able to go on life without finding her father's killer and so many questions pop into her mind that keeps her in fear with lots of confusion about her feelings for Dave.  See how Dave tries to help her through facing her fear, and how God shows Lacy through His word that there is nothing to fear because God is always with her.  Great adventure and suspense happens throughout the whole entire story.  Have to read it to find out what happens!


  1. Tracy Peterson is one of my favorite authors. I am currently reading the Alaskian Quest series. Love your blog. I came here from MaryLu's crew blog.

    1. Aye, thanks for posting! I'm actually thinking about getting that series "Alaskian Quest" from Tracie Peterson. Yer going to have to let me know how it is. Take care matie! ^_~

  2. Such a great series. Loved them all :o)


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