Monday, December 26, 2011

The Restitution

"The Restitution"
MaryLu Tyndall
Legacy of the King's Pirate - Book Three

A Scorned Woman Longing For Wealth, Position, And The Return Of Her Son...  An Obsessed Pirate Craving The Love Of The Lady He Once Ravished...  A Twisted Nobleman Seeking To Capture A Spurned Woman's Heart...  And The Intricate Plot Of Vengeance That Weaves Their Lives Together.

Lady Isabel Ashton gave birth to her illegitimate son, Frederick, the product of a pirate's violent attack.  Spurned by family and society, Isabel clings to the hope of marrying a nobleman and returning to her privileged social class, but then her baby is kidnapped.

Captain Kent Carlton, determined to win the heart and forgiveness of the woman whose purity he pirated, searches every port for Isabel.  What he finds is Richard Sawkins, a nobleman who informs him of Frederick's existence and kidnapping and the whereabouts of Isabel.

Will Kent forsake all his treasure, power, and dreams of becoming the Admiral of the Brethren of the Coast in order to unite Isabel and his son?  And will Isabel finally realize that title and wealth are meaningless when compared to riches in Christ?  Can she allow her heart to love a penniless pirate?

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My Review

"The Restitution" by MaryLu Tyndall, this last novel to "Legacy of the King's Pirate" is yet another very hard novel to set aside without knowing what the out come of the story will be! In this story there are two new main characters that were minor, but still played a major role in the first two novels, which take action in this novel. Go on an adventure with Lady Isabel Ashton as she sets out to find her illegitimate son, Frederick, who has recently been kidnapped by a pirate who is out to get revenge on Frederick's biological father, Kent. Captain Kent Carlton sets out to find Isabel to win her heart and forgiveness, as he gets word from Richard Sawkins on the information he needs.

Isabel is determined and clings to a hope of someday marrying a nobleman with title and wealth, but when her baby is kidnapped, she slowly is seeing things different that maybe title and wealth is not everything it seems to be. Kent determined to make amends with Isabel, though as he keeps on trying he hears her words to him that slices through his heart like a sword. See how the title of this novel, "The Restitution", plays throughout the whole story through Isabel and Kent that to make things right, they will need to realize God is always in control and He can forgive even the worst of sins. The "Legacy of the King's Pirate" has been my most favorite series to read, and I know I will be reading this series over and over to where it will never get tiring!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Reliance

"The Reliance"
MaryLu Tyndall
Legacy of the King's Pirate - Book Two

A Young Bride Separated From Her Husband Just As A Child Has Been Conceived...  A Grieving Husband Tempted To Take His Anger Out Through The Vices Of His Past...  A Marriage And A Ship Threatened To Be Split Apart By Villainous Caribbean Pirates...

Captain Edmund Merrick, convinced his pregnant wife, Charlisse is dead, sails away to drown his sorrows.  Having turned his back on God, Edmund reverts to a life of villainy and joins forces with the demented French pirate Collier.  When Edmund's mind clears from its rum-induced haze, will he be able to pull himself up from the depths to which he has sunk?

Believing herself abandoned by her new husband, Charlisse begins to battle her own insecurities, as well as a vengeful pirate Kent who now holds her and the Lady Isabel captive.  Will Charlisse lose her love for Edmund as well as the life of her unborn child?

As they battle the tempests that threaten to tear them apart, is there any way Edmund and Charlisse can regain the helm and steer their way back to the haven they both so desperately seek?  Or will their love drown in a whirlpool of treachery and deceit?

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My Review

A continuing story takes place in "The Reliance" by MaryLu Tyndall where we last left Charlisse & Captain Merrick.  Both on a mission together in the beginning of the story, soon a huge tragedy takes place separating the two newly married and finally able to spend their life together.  Captain Merrick believing Charlisse, his wife, is dead, he turns his back on the One true God and goes to his old life of piracy.  Charlisse captured by a villainous pirate, soon to escape to then seek out Captain Merrick, her husband, but starts to struggle with her own insecurities.

The capture of Charlisse, she tries to help another lady, Isabel, escape from Kent, while she is struggling to face Captain Merrick when she discovers what he has been up to.  Captain Merrick finally realizing being disgusted with his old way, repents, and struggles to get back on the right track, with shocking news about Charlisse still being alive. As in the in "The Redemption" see how the title, "The Reliance", plays out through this second novel to the "Legacy of the King's Pirate".  Watch how Charlisse's faith grows, where she can only rely on the Lord, and Captain Merrick being dependent on the Lord and leave it in His hands.  "The Reliance" has truly been a hard book to set aside, where I want to know how things are going to turn out in the end.  Definitely going to read this novel again!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Redemption

"The Redemption"
MaryLu Tyndall
Legacy of the King's Pirate - Book One

A Young Woman Fleeing From Abuse And Forsaking The Luxuries Of London Nobility...  A Young Man Battling A Sordid Past And Combating The Violence Of His Profession... And The Tempestuous Caribbean Sea That Brought Them Together.

Lady Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage in search of a father she never knew, only to find herself shipwrecked on a deserted island.  After weeks of combating the elements, her salvation comes in the form of a band of pirates and their fiercely handsome leader, Edmund Merrick.  Will Charlisse free herself from the seductive lure of this pirate captain and find the father's love she so ardently craves?

While battling his attraction to this winsome lady and learning to walk a more godly path, Edmund offers to help Charlisse on her quest - until he discovers her father is none other than Edward the Terror, the cruelest pirate on the Caribbean.  Can Edmund win this lady's love while shielding her from his lecherous crew and working to bring her father to justice?

Can the supernatural power of God rescue Charlisse and Edmund from the danger and treachery that await them as they ride upon the tumultuous waves of the Caribbean?

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My Review

The very first book written by MaryLu Tyndall, "The Redemption", has truly been an on edge must know what is going to happen next in this novel.  Just when I think in a few areas that things are about settled, some other suspense action comes up, and has me eagerly reading to see how the events will turn out.  Read about how Lady Charlisse Bristol runs away from where she was brought up, by going on a voyage in search of her father whom she never knew, but heard so many wonderful stories from her mother.  Though through the process she becomes shipwrecked on a desert island.  To make things more interesting find out how a band of pirates and their fiercely handsome leader, Edmund Merrick, rescues Charlisse from near death.

Charlisse being terrified of Captain Merrick, she is now baffled to discover this man has a faith in God.  Captain Merrick is determined to become a better man or more of a godly man, but he is battling his old weaknesses of women and drink, which are testing him while he helps Charlisse in her journey to search for her father.  A neat twist with this novel, "The Redemption" you'll read throughout seeing the title used in different ways.  See if Charlisse will come to understand about the deliverance from sin and come to know what is salvation, and how Edmund learns more about giving his life to the One and only Creator.  This swashbuckling romance novel will show ye how Charlisse 'nd Captian Merrick go through their journey, something ye don't want to miss!