Friday, April 27, 2012

My Dragon Wings

My Dragon Wings

Wearing a massive backpack,
So others don’t notice what is on my back.
Why not wear a nice jacket?
It won’t keep what’s on my back a secret.

Why keep my backside hidden from another?
If the public saw, they’d run in terror.
Scientist would want me for experiments,
To me that would be many torments.

Kids give me the nickname like backpack girl,
I can’t help it, but it really hurts on how I feel.
What I am hiding is not a curse,
But a gift from Jesus.

Only a few know of this gift from the Jesus Christ,
With all my heart, those are the ones I can trust.
Of those few they too have something like me,
They too have to hide their trait, as you can see.

I will take my backpack off at night,
Only when it’s real dark and I am out of sight.
Spreading out to the left
Even to the right.

I take off into the darkness,
Soaring high into the air of nothingness.
Powerful wings keep me up high,
Where no harm will come my way in the sky.

Coming down very quietly,
So no others see me, I decrease slowly.
Touching the ground I fold them back,
Stuffing them into the large pack.

I ask my mother why I have these things.
My mother tells me why I have wings,
Even though she looks human,
She told me she use to be a dragon.

An anthrozil is what I would be labeled,
That is me being both dragon and human to be defined.
These wings are a symbol of faith,
To God having loyalty, trust, & belief.

Thursday, April 26, 2012



I am a programmable device,
I respond to specific set of instructions;
I can perform a prerecorded list of directions,
Wonder who I am?

I am digital and electronic,
Wires, transistors, and circuits are my hardware,
Instructions and data are my software.
I am your personalized computer.

Purpose of a Semicolon

Purpose of a Semicolon

I bind two sentences more closely,
Than where the full stop would happen,
If separated by the period.
Which I often replace the conjunction.

I am much stronger than the comma, 
Where reading is clear. 
Wondering who I am?
Semicolon if you so care.