Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frigidly Waiting

Frigidly Waiting
Finally it is the very last class of the day, 
Not to anxious for my class lesson to be over.
Bearing in mind near by snow is all around,
Wondering if I will be able to tolerate the weather.

Last class has reached to a closing end, 
Packing my books into my school bag. 
Putting on my jacket, gloves, hat, and scarf, 
All bundled up, going outside will be a drag.

Slowing making my way out of class, 
Now it is time to go home for the day. 
Knowing I have to take the Transit Bus home, 
So why am I going gradually through the hallway?

Not really wanting to go outside, 
Being aware of the dreadfully chilliness. 
At last I am approaching the end of the hallway, 
A set of doors in front of me to the outside frostiness.

Opening a door to journey outside, 
All my winter wear keeping me bundled up. 
Now feeling the icy wind hit my face, 
As I am making my way out to the bus stop.

Looking at my watch to see what the time is, 
Around five minutes before the bus is arriving. 
Feeling the coldness all around and through me, 
Chattering, shaking, feeling numb, I am freezing.

Wounding when the bus will turn up?
It feels like fifteen minutes have gone by.
Glancing at my watch to notice the time,

Resentment inside me of only two minutes flew by.

Moving around to maintain body warmth, 
The weather must be in the single numeral. 
Peering up the road to see if the bus is coming, 
Waiting for the bus seems futile.

After waiting for what feels like ten minutes,
I at long last see the Transit Bus coming my way.
Soon there will be no more frigidly waiting;
I can finally feel warmer for the rest of my day.

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