Monday, December 30, 2013

Elusive Hope

"Elusive Hope"
MaryLu Tyndall
Escape to Paradise - Book Two

In a Colony Named New Hope, While Their Friends are Seeking a New Southern Utopia...

Hayden is Seeking Revenge. Relentlessly.

After years of all but selling his soul to track down his scoundrel of a father, Hayden Gale discovers his search must continue in South America, where his father is reported to be helping colonize Brazil.  Hayden has nothing more to lose, certainly not a good reputation, and vows to keep pursuing - at any cost - the vile man who he believes killed his mother.

Magnolia is Seeking a Way Out. Desperately.

She's in the jungles of Brazil against her will, but what choice does Magnolia Scott have?  Her father insisted on uprooting their family to escape the uncertainty of Southern life after the Civil War.  But how will she survive without all she holds dear - wealthy suitors, beautiful clothes, summer balls, and slaves waiting on her every whim?  She vows to find a way to get back home - and attaches herself to handsome Hayden Gale.

As they journey toward Rio de Janeiro, they each seek to use the other for their own purposes.  Deceptively.  Falling in love was never part of their plan...

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My Review

Finally settled in Brazil in a colony named New Hope, everyone is trying to adjust to the new climate and culture away from the United States.  Magnolia Scott, born and raised up as a Southern Belle on a cotton plantation in Rosewell, Georgia, but now living in Brazil against her will by her father’s orders is trying to make her way through the Brazilin jungles to make her way back to the states to the life she once knew and was comfortable with.  Hayden Gale, a man mixed between a bad boy and a charmer, vows to find his good-for-nothing father who abandoned his mother and him at a very young year leaving his mother to perish.

“Elusive Hope” is the second book to the series Escape to Paradise.  This story takes place in Brazil where the colony, New Hope, is trying to find hope in a brand new future of living, which they are finding things difficult to accomplish.  Magnolia is trying to find some hope where she can find a way back to states to be reunited to her fiancĂ© when her parents took her away against her will to Brazil.  Then Hayden is on a desperate search in trying to have hope in finding his father after what he did to his mother, when he hears of news of his father was helping some colony in Brazil.  Dig into reading how Magnolia and Hayden get through their difficulty trails of what they are hoping for or if the two will put their utmost hope in God to where things will come much easier for them.  “Elusive Hope” is filled with many different kinds of adventure, darkness, deception, drama, laughter, love and romance to keep you wondering what is going to happen next or even if the characters are going to survive their new life in Brazil!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Forsaken Dreams

"Forsaken Dreams"
MaryLu Tyndall
Escape to Paradise - Book One

They Left Everything Behind to Build a New Southern Utopia...

Colonel Blake Wallace has seen enough death to last a lifetime.  Weary and disillusioned, he slumps beneath the weight of defeat and loss.  With his entire family murdered by the North and his name appearing on a list of officers wanted for war crimes, Blake organizes a shipload of southerners who, like him, long to escape the horrors of war and start a new life in a verdant land called Brazil.

Eliza Crawford can barely remember the days of her youth spent in opulence and comfort at her Georgian home.  She can't help but wonder how different her life would be had she not met her late husband, Stanton Watts, a general in the Northern army.  Now a war widow, Eliza is rejected by both North and South.  Desperate to keep her marriage a secret and escape her past and pain, she hopes to start over again in Brazil.

But once the voyage begins, troubles abound.  Dangers at sea and enemies from within threaten to keep Blake and Eliza from the new life - and love - they long for.

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My Review

In the years following the Civil War, nearly three million Southerners migrated from the former Confederate States of the loss and devastation of war and persecuted by the North. Many moved out west or to larger cities of the North in the United States and a mass number traveled to Canada and Mexico, but it is unknown to the amount traveled to Brazil. All Southerners had to do was simply board a ship and sail away with no requirement of a passport. In MaryLu Tyndall’s newest novel, “Forsaken Dreams”, a group of Southerners embark on a ship to Brazil as their destination to build a new Southern utopia!

Going back to around May 10, 1866 in Charleston, South Carolina is where Colonel Blake Wallace, a honored war hero, puts together a group to journey over to Brazil to begin a whole new colony for the Confederates. He has no more use for being in the United States with the Union officers wanting him arrested for war crimes and the North murdered his entire family. Aboard the ship, New Hope, young widow Eliza Crawford, a Confederate nurse, seeks passage on this journey harboring a dark secret in hope for a clean fresh start in Brazil. As for the other passengers as well are on this journey hoping and dreaming to start a new life that have been affected so badly from the Civil War.

Throughout the journey to Brazil, Blake and Eliza’s relationship grows through many turns of events. While out at sea the ship and everyone else aboard have to face many different trials from alcoholism, anxiety attacks, disease, deadly storms, post traumatic stress disorder, and much more. Read on to see how the many different trials and evil are fought off with those putting faith towards God, the Almighty. Will everyone arrive safely to Brazil? Can Eliza keep her secret hidden from everyone, especially Blake? When trials come, will forgiveness come easily or will there be a lot of mockery and shunning going on? You’ll need to read the book to find out yourself with all the action, adventure, drama, and suspense romance, which happens throughout the whole story!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Comes Softly Series

Love Comes Softly Series

I have finally got to watch all the movies to the Love Comes Softly series.  I have enjoyed each of the movies with their own little twists in what happens.  There are plenty of funny, sad, and all the way to joyful moments in each movie.  There are some violence in each, but nothing extremely bad.  Watch the lives of each character through romance, drama, joy, and faith.  This series is safe for the whole family to watch.  Currently my mother owns this series and I do hope to someday own my own set as well.

Love Comes Softly series in Timeline Order to Watch:
  1. Love Begins
  2. Love’s Everlasting Courage
  3. Love Comes Softly
  4. Loves Enduring Promise
  5. Loves Long Journey
  6. Loves Abiding Joy
  7. Loves Unending Legacy
  8. Loves Unfolding Dream
  9. Love Takes Wing
  10. Love Finds a Home
There is a Christmas movie to go along with this series, I haven't seen it yet, but someday would really like to.  The movie is called Love's Christmas Journey!  I might look into watching the movie sometime nearing Christmas!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Sneak Peak into Forsaken Dreams

Check out Forsaken Dreams, book one in the exciting new Escape to Paradise fiction series by MaryLu Tyndall!

Embark on a seafaring adventure as a disillusioned colonel and a hopeful widow seek a fresh start on the shores of Brazil. Colonel Grant Wallace cannot leave his once precious Southern homeland fast enough. After witnessing the death and destruction of the Civil War, he charters a ship and sets sail for the pristine shores of Brazil, eager to start afresh in a new land. Widow Eliza Crawford boards the ship NewHope harboring a dirty secret and a blossoming hope within her heart for a new life away from old memories. But once at sea, troubles abound. Will Grant overcome his demons of bitterness and rage? Can Eliza find the peace she longs for?

ISBN 978-1-61626-596-0
5.5" x 8.375" / 320 pages / Paperback

Get to Know the Author!

MaryLu Tyndall, a Christy Award Finalist, and best-selling author of the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series is known for her adventurous historical romances filled with deep spiritual themes. She holds a degree in Math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years before testing the waters as a writer. MaryLu currently writes full time and makes her home on the California coast with her husband, six kids, and four cats. Her passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but open people's eyes to their God-given potential. MaryLu is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.

Author Q & A:

1. How would you describe your new series Escape to Paradise?
An adventurous, romantic tale about a group of Confederates, wounded in both body and soul, who flee the destruction of the South after the Civil War for greener pastures in Brazil, but who find much more than they bargained for, both on the trip there and once they arrive.

2. What inspired the storyline for your new series?
History. Nearly three million Southerners migrated from the devastation of the South following the Civil War. Close to twenty thousand of them went to Brazil where the Emperor welcomed them with open arms, the farm land was plentiful, and the temperate climate mimicked their own weather back home. Though most ended up returning home, several thousand remained, and their descendants still live there today. Their struggles to create a new Southern Utopia in the heart of Brazil make for a fascinating story!

3. How is this series different from your previous series?
Escape to Paradise is like nothing I’ve ever written before. The six main characters, the hero and heroine in each book, have a huge presence in each of the three books, so by the end of the series, the reader will know them all really well, as well as several of the secondary characters. Secondly, and more importantly, this series contains a lot of supernatural elements—curses, angels, visions, demonic battles—which I have not put in any of my other books.

4. What type of research did you have to do for Forsaken Dreams?
Surprisingly, not much has been written about this particular historic event. I did find a couple of great books on Amazon. I was also able to locate some original source material, which is a researcher’s dream: three journals written by actual Confederates who traveled to Brazil. Then of course I studied the flora, fauna, cuisine, customs, religion, climate, topography, and history of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. I tried to talk my  husband into funding a trip to Rio (For purely research purposes, of course) but he wasn’t buying it! J I also studied the Civil War, clothing and customs of the time period, and, in particular, of the South. 

5. What are the most interesting facts that you learned while researching and writing Forsaken Dreams?
There is a city in Brazil called Americana, which was founded by migrant confederates in the late 19th century. To this day, the inhabitants still speak a mixture of English and Portuguese and celebrate American holidays by playing “Dixie”, while some of the local women dress in big-bustled skirts for dancing. President Carter visited the city in 1972, after discovering its little known history, and he was reportedly brought to tears by the American influences he found there.

6. What surprises do your fans have to look forward to in your new series?
An exotic locale, powerful secrets held by each character, a strong spiritual theme that runs through all three books, cannibals, evil temples, visions, angels, demons, prophecies, and a supernatural battle. Doesn’t sound like romance novels, does it? Yet, readers can still expect to find all the adventure and romance they normally enjoy from one of my books.

7. Do you have a favorite character Forsaken Dreams? Why?
Yes. The heroine, Eliza Crawford. She’s all the things so many of us want to be: Strong, Independent, Smart, Caring, Selfless. But she has a fatal flaw—one which I can relate to very much, and one I’m hoping others will relate to as well. She wants to live life on her own terms. She wants to do things her way and follow her own heart and will. She doesn’t want to be told what to do by anyone, especially God. Consequently, she disobeyed her father and ran off to marry a man who was all wrong for her, an action that cost her and others dearly. Still, she struggles with an independent spirit that refuses to submit to God, even when she knows His will is best.  Sound familiar? It does to me! 

8. What message would you like your readers to take from reading Forsaken Dreams? 
There are several messages woven into Forsaken Dreams. Forgiveness, letting go of bitterness, running away from God, but I would say the main message is that submission to God and His will is the only thing that brings true happiness.

9. Most of your stories revolve around swashbuckling pirates and sea captains.  What draws you to write about them?
Actually I only have one pirate series, but a good majority of my books have several scenes set at sea. Ever since I was a child growing up on the shores of South Florida, I have loved the sea and especially the tall ships of old. To me, there’s something very romantic and adventurous about those magnificent sailing ships and the men and women who journeyed on them in search of new lands.

10. What are some of the challenges you face as an author?
Meeting deadlines! I never feel like I can take a break and just relax when there’s a deadline shouting at me from my computer. Other challenges come in the form of negative reviews and harsh comments, most of which I’ve learned over the years to ignore. However, the occasional one slips through and stabs my heart. Then there’s the marketing aspect of being an author, which is most definitely my weakest skill. I’ve never been very good at selling myself, or in fact, selling anything, to anyone. 

11. What aspects of being a writer do you enjoy the most?
The writing! Coming up with new stories and settings, and especially great characters. But my favorite part is putting those characters into impossible situations that I would never survive personally, but ones in which they must survive! Those hours I spend at my computer with my head and my heart in a distant land, living life through my characters, are the happiest moments of my day. What a great job I have!! I get to live in a fantasy world of my own making. God is good! 

12. What clubs or organizations are you involved with helping with your writing?
American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America. However I receive most of the help I need from other writers who I’ve grown close to over the years. It’s so wonderful to have an online support group of people who understand what I’m going through and who can offer suggestions and help and who can lift me up in prayer when needed. 

13. What new projects are on the horizon?
Forsaken Dreams is the first in a trilogy entitled Escape to Paradise, so I’m currently working on the last two books in the series. After that, I’ll be in God’s good favor as to what He wants me to write next. 

14. What was your favorite book as a child?
Can I have three? The Last of the Mohicans, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Pride and Prejudice. 

15. What is your greatest achievement?
My children. Although I really can’t take credit for them turning out as well as they have. That was God. But they are my life and my true loves, and I can’t imagine my world without them. 

16. What do you do to get away from it all?
Go to the beach. Although it’s not as warm here in California as it was in Florida where I grew up, I love sitting in the sand and gazing out over the foamy waves and smelling the salty air and feeling the wind on my face. It makes me realize how big God is and how small I am, yet how much He truly loves me. 

17. And, finally, where can your readers find you online?
You can sign up for my e-newsletter on my website at, and my blog is where I post all sorts of things from book giveaways and book information to articles and devotional thoughts. I have a Facebook group called MaryLu Tyndall Swashbuckling Romance, and I’m on Twitter: @MaryLuTyndall. Hope to connect with you all!

Check out MaryLu's blog Friday, February 7, to learn more about the hero from Forsaken Dreams, Blake Wallace, and comment for a chance to win a copy of the book!"

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Central Park Rendezvous

"Central Park Rendezvous"
Ronie Kendig, Dineen Miller, Kim Vogel Sawyer, & MaryLu Tyndall
Romancing America

True Love Has a Date with Destiny

New York City's beautiful Central Park becomes center stage in the lives of four generations of heroes who face cruel circumstances.  Will each risk their heart a second time and find a way to bring love full circle?

Returning from his stint in Afghanistan, Sean Wolfe is defeated in life and discouraged in love.  Will old letters and an ancient coin delivered by wanna-be-ballerina Jamie Russo give him the courage to Dream a Little Dream?

Before he ships out to Vietnam, Alan James meets Gail Gibson, who blazes a fire across his heart.  Will she be true to him until he returns from war or disappear, forsaking any chance or realizing A Love Meant to Be?

Her dreams of becoming a singer dashed, Helen Wolfe, jilted and struggling to provide for herself and her siblings, reluctantly hocks a Confederate gold piece.  Pawnshop owner Bernie O'Day is taken by this unselfish damsel in distress.  Will he help Helen find a way To Sing Another Day?

When the Civil War leaves William Wolfe disfigured in body and soul, he rests his hopes in returning to the arms of his fiancĂ©e.  Will her rejection of him keep him from seeing the Beauty from Ashes and risking his heart again?

Will God help these couples persevere to find lasting love?

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My Review

I have never read a Four-in-One Collection by four different authors, where each story ties in with one another.  I have noticed with all the Romancing America series each book contains four different stories, one after another.  Only did I notice with “Central Park Rendezvous” the first story is split four different parts with the other three stories going back in history in relating to a letter from the first story.  I like more of a historical novel and seeing how with all of them tying together from present day to 1865, I have truly enjoyed this novel.  Each story takes in dealing around certain wartimes like the Afghanistan War of this present time (by Ronie Kendig), Vietnam War of 1973 (by Dineen Miller), World War II of 1941 (by Kim Vogel Sawyer), and Civil War of 1865 (by MaryLu Tyndall).  Read this four-in-one collection novel to see how a family heirloom gold coin with a description on is passed through the generations of a many years working through each of the different couples based around Central Park in New York!