Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Central Park Rendezvous

"Central Park Rendezvous"
Ronie Kendig, Dineen Miller, Kim Vogel Sawyer, & MaryLu Tyndall
Romancing America

True Love Has a Date with Destiny

New York City's beautiful Central Park becomes center stage in the lives of four generations of heroes who face cruel circumstances.  Will each risk their heart a second time and find a way to bring love full circle?

Returning from his stint in Afghanistan, Sean Wolfe is defeated in life and discouraged in love.  Will old letters and an ancient coin delivered by wanna-be-ballerina Jamie Russo give him the courage to Dream a Little Dream?

Before he ships out to Vietnam, Alan James meets Gail Gibson, who blazes a fire across his heart.  Will she be true to him until he returns from war or disappear, forsaking any chance or realizing A Love Meant to Be?

Her dreams of becoming a singer dashed, Helen Wolfe, jilted and struggling to provide for herself and her siblings, reluctantly hocks a Confederate gold piece.  Pawnshop owner Bernie O'Day is taken by this unselfish damsel in distress.  Will he help Helen find a way To Sing Another Day?

When the Civil War leaves William Wolfe disfigured in body and soul, he rests his hopes in returning to the arms of his fiancĂ©e.  Will her rejection of him keep him from seeing the Beauty from Ashes and risking his heart again?

Will God help these couples persevere to find lasting love?

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My Review

I have never read a Four-in-One Collection by four different authors, where each story ties in with one another.  I have noticed with all the Romancing America series each book contains four different stories, one after another.  Only did I notice with “Central Park Rendezvous” the first story is split four different parts with the other three stories going back in history in relating to a letter from the first story.  I like more of a historical novel and seeing how with all of them tying together from present day to 1865, I have truly enjoyed this novel.  Each story takes in dealing around certain wartimes like the Afghanistan War of this present time (by Ronie Kendig), Vietnam War of 1973 (by Dineen Miller), World War II of 1941 (by Kim Vogel Sawyer), and Civil War of 1865 (by MaryLu Tyndall).  Read this four-in-one collection novel to see how a family heirloom gold coin with a description on is passed through the generations of a many years working through each of the different couples based around Central Park in New York!