Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Special Gift from My Sister

Special Gift from My Sister

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Another year has gone by and I have been truly blessed by God with what He has given me, especially with this past year.  Last year to this day, May 1st, is my birthday.  It was about a normal day as any other day could be.  I remember everything that went on, but especially receiving a special gift / note from my younger sister, Shannon.  In the afternoon I was napping on my bed until a crazy off-key singing from my mother and younger sister woke me up.
Myself, My Mother, & My Sister
Well, as I finally woke up, they went again with another same singing, so I could fully hear it. After being awoken and the singing, Shannon handed me a sealed yellow folder.  I had no clue what she was giving me, but it could have been a fifteen to twenty page story, report, or who knows what.  Well, it was a total of 36 songs she purchased with two full albums within from the guys of "The Piano Guys", a note that I should be receiving two Japanese Cherry Blossoms, and a very special note/prayer that I have kept posted on my desk in my bedroom to this day.

I do not know how many times I have read the note, but every time I sat at my desk working on my computer, the note was always posted right in front of me a bit to my left.  So I would say well over 200 times I have glanced and read over the note.  She wrote:

"I am very blessed to have you as my sister, and I pray that God will bring a wonderful godly man into your life who will love you as He loves the church.  A man who will guide you faithfully in the scriptures, who will laugh with you when you laugh and weep with you when you weep, a man who will share your hopes and dreams, who will comfort you in your sorrow, who will lead you as God desires you to be lead.  I hope this day is full of joy and blessings throughout the day."

This note has been a blessing praise, because on May 7, 2012 at Riverside Park in Watertown, WI, I met the most wonderful godly man God has placed in my life!  Back in December 2011, about a half a week after Christmas, I was invited to the Dierks home, a family from church, to spend the day with them.  They also invited the Alexanders, another family from church, as well over as well.  Before dinner was served, Dawn Alexander and I were talking to get to know each other better and we soon got onto the subject about if I was currently in a relationship or not, and what kind of guy I was looking for.  She invited me to a softball game in Watertown, WI to watch the team Crossfire, whom her husband Andy plays on, to introduce me to Chris Finch.

Shannon & I

When I first met Chris, I was not thinking this would turn go to a courtship/dating relationship, to being engage, and soon to be married.  We started courting on August 13, 2012 and then on October 10, 2012 Chris proposed to me at the very place we were introduced to each other.  We are to be married June 22, 2013 in Belgium, WI where I currently live with my mother and younger sister.

Anyways, I have always looked back at the note posted on my desk from Shannon, even when I didn't think her note was being answered.  I am truly blessed to have a sister like her, and pray the same thing happens for her.  She deserves the very best from God!  I love her very much!


  1. Wow, Tracy, what a moving post. You are truly blessed with a wonderful sister like Shannon. I will keep her in my prayers, for God to one day send her someone special. I am so excited for your upcoming wedding! Wish I lived closer so that I could actually attend, but I am sure you will post lots of pictures! Hugs and God bless!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I am very blessed to have a younger sister like Shannon! I will post pictures once they come in! How could I leave you and everyone without knowing what happened throughout the wedding!? Take care and God bless! *hugs*


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