Sunday, March 26, 2017

God's Protection & Healing

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Sitting in a coffee shop relaxing while enjoying a cup of Chai Tea, I am reflecting over the past three months. Let's say the last week of the year, 2016, was "not my cup of tea" or pleasant way of ending the year...

Monday, December 26, 2016, I was T-Boned by another driver as I was heading to one of my favorite coffee shops, Whelan’s Coffee & Ice Cream Shop, in Oconomowoc, WI to get myself a cup of Chai Tea and to relax after the busyness of visiting my family in the Port Washington area during Christmas. My family's mid-sized car was hit by a SUV on the front passenger side, which pushed me towards the opposite lane of oncoming traffic. I don't know or remember much of how far I went over, but I managed to get the vehicle steered back into the right lane and over to the curb. As with the crash result, my left knee hit the stirring wheel and I received whiplash from the impact the SUV gave me coming out from a gas station. I was able to get my car off the road and parked to where it wouldn't be in the way of other vehicles coming and going from the gas station. With everything that needed to be dealt with the police with filing an accident report, I walked away with just a sore knee, very scared, and overly stressed from being T-Boned.

Christmas Morning - Chris, Lilian, and I
My husband, Chris, called for a tow-truck to pick up our totaled car and thankfully there was still a towing company that was still open on Christmas Day Observed. Meanwhile, I called a friend from church to see if she could wait with me when the towing company arrived and take me home. I didn't know who would be home because I am sure many families would be traveling to and from relatives or special events around Christmas. On the way home, the friend who picked me up explained to me, her husband could take Chris to work, since they both worked at the same company, Trek Bicycle Corporation, and the company encourages carpooling. Once I got home, I hugged our two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Lilian, very dearly because I was beyond thankful she didn't have to experience any of this traumatic event.

Anyway, the next day, I was hurting very badly. I could barely walk around because my left knee hurt too much to put pressure on. I could not even pick up Lilian because moving around was just too much. I even had a splitting headache that never seemed to go away with even taking medicine. In the morning, my younger sister, Shannon, came over to help with daily household tasks and to help keep my mind off of the events of what just happened. Even during the week Chris' parents came up for a visit to spend some time with us for the holidays. It was good to keep my mind busy with family, other activities and general doing anything that was not going to remind me of the car accident.

As the year was coming to an end, my pain in my body was lessening, but I was still very sore and I needed help to recover. I had no idea where to go to get help on my injury and wondering if the guy's car insurance would cover it. There would be plenty of times I would cry hard from the reality of the car accident. Crying and wanting God to take all the pain from physical to emotional away. Chris told me of a few people at work who were once in a car accident and went to Litang Family Chiropractic to where they had great results.

I started my chiropractic therapy about a week and a half from the day of my accident. Each week I have seen different improvements in my ability to move around and accomplish different tasks in my everyday life. The adjustments of my neck where my headaches disappeared. Working on my back, where I have less and less backaches from sitting around or even at my computer doing data entry for work. After two and a half months of week to week therapy I feel back to my normal self before the accident had occurred. Everyone who was involved with my therapy, didn’t just help me with my neck, back, and knee issues, but were very kind in listening to me if I was having a down day, they would be understanding and give me some encouraging words.

While going through my therapy, I have been keeping up with each week of being thankful for something different or how the results from the accident have been improving. My first week was how grateful I was for God's protection over me from the accident. I could have lost my life if the impact may have been different, but I wouldn't know. Several thankfulness was how my chiropractic therapy was going. It was going from three days a week to two days and then to one day a week. A big thankful was the money from the guy’s insurance we were provided with to get a different car and what we found. I was thinking we'd only get a couple hundred dollars since the vehicle my family owned was an old car. Nope, we were wrong. I then was wondering if we could find a family vehicle where it would benefit our needs as a growing family. Sure enough, God showed us a family size sedan with less than 85,000 miles with the purchase price within the amount of money we received from the insurance. Chris told me to keep our options open because the car we had our eyes on, seemed too good to be true. I prayed and kept an eye out to see if the car was still available and sure enough once we received the money from the insurance we called up the people and made an appointment to purchase the car.

Overall, the three months since the accident I am beyond blessed for what God has done for me. He protected me from serious injury in the accident where I never went to the hospital, but only went for chiropractic therapy. A loving husband who helped comfort me through my troubles when I was trying to coop each day from the accident and helped me along with very encouraging words. Grateful Lilian never had to experience a car accident and was quite good while I had to go through all the chiropractic therapy sessions. Family and friends giving myself encouraging words or offering to help me in different ways of where I need some kind of help. Finally, God providing all the necessary needs for my family with getting through these past three months and months to come.

I am still making it an effort for each Monday to put down what I am thankful for on my Facebook page, and I plan on doing this through to the end of 2017. I am also making an effort to get back into shape of working towards having a healthier body and building my endurance. I plan on participating in an event called the Trek 100 with my husband and hopefully with lots of friends in the beginning of June.


  1. It's always good to hear about God's protection and provision as he directs the paths if his children. Thanks for taking the time to write this out!


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