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TLC Pet Sitter

About TLC Pet Sitter
Hello, my name is Tracy, and welcome to TLC Pet Sitter! I am a cat and dog animal lover. Need to go on a day, couple of days, to a week trip? Have cats or dogs that need to be taken care of and you don’t want to take your pets to a kennel or go through the hassle of doing so? No problem! I would be so glad to take care of your cat(s) and/or dog(s) while you are gone for the day, couple of days, or for the week.

I have taken care of cats and taken care of dogs from Yorkshires all the way to Siberian Huskies. I know the basics of feeding all the way to picking up their droppings. I have taken care of up to one animal all the way to three animals. I love to give cats attention to make them happy. I love to take dogs for walks and play with them! Mainly give your pet(s) Tender Loving Care attention!

In the past, I have visited the owner’s home to give the pet(s) the necessary care and keep them company. During the time I am taking care of your pet(s), I also am taking care of your home in keeping it tidy, taking in the mail, etc!

Note: I have already taken care of chickens (over 15)! If you have any other kind of an pet/animal other than a dog or cat, do let me know. I will need to know what there is to be done to take care of whatever other pets/animals you may own.

Extra Notice: I will be having my 2-year-old daughter with me, so cats and dogs need to be friendly with children.  She will be helping me with giving your cat(s) and/or dog(s) fun attention and as she gets older be helping with other different tasks.

I need to know in advance if you are interested in me taking care of your pet(s). Please notify me at least a week to two weeks. I don’t always know if I will be available the next day or couple of days, but I am usually flexible with my scheduling.

Watertown, WI of Jefferson & Dodge County area.

$35.00 per day.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please send me an email, thank you!

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